Payment Method

1) Online Banking- maybank2u/pbebank/cimbclicks, apply from Bank.

2) Goto Bank Counter and bank in, Need to fill up the Deposit slip.

3) ATM Transfer.

Bank Name : Maybank
Bank Account No : 160148903772

Bank Name : CIMB Bank

Bank Account No :1236-0014889-52-8

Bank Name : Public Bank 

Bank Account No :4-4763186-18

Paypal account:

Please bank in within 5 days after we had confirm your order. Otherwise the order will be cancel automatically. Thank you.

How to inform us after bank in?

1The fastest way is SMS:017 8958185:

Write the sms like: “Sales Order 888/Maybank/RM23

2Leave Message at
We will send out your goods within 2 days after your payment inform.

Thank You.